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Saliva Collection Devices 

Malvern Medical Developments currently manufacture two types of saliva collection devices, the Oracol, and the Oracol Plus.  
The Oracol saliva collection devices have an established history within the scientific community of being a reliable saliva collection method for testing for the presence of a range pathogens. 
The Oracol (S10) and Oracol+ (S14) are designed for the collection of crevicular fluid for laboratory processing. The foam used to swab the buccal area of the mouth collects a significant amount of fluid, at least 1ml in about a minute. The 1ml of fluid allows for laboratory testing for a range of antigens. The cylindrical foam design offers advantages over competitors due to the amount of saliva able to be collected. 
The collection of oral fluid provides an effective alternative to blood collection especially in children where the use of needles can prove distressing. The Oracol range is particularly well designed for use in the community where the swab is sent incorporated into a pack so the saliva collection can take place in the home. Its simple design is well liked by users and professionals alike. 
The oral swab devices are used universally to collect data on HIV, ebola, hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps and rubella. This list is being continually extended. Most recently, our oral swabs have been used in the critical response to COVID19. These devices are cost effective, CE marked and supplied sterile in batches of 500 complete with instructions for use with each device. 
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+ Oracol Plus (S14) 
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